måndag, januari 23, 2006


Yes... Oh!

And BTW, I am also arranging and hosting a Larp.... Yes, great fun. Lot's of planning, anxiety, caffeine, stress and brainnumbing wierd ideafountainorgasmic meetings in wierd locales owned by our local [read:sweden] non-profit gaming organisation [read:sverok]. YES!

But, it's fun. And we believe (a bit naïve perhaps, but still) that this will be. And here I quote: "The best LARP EVER!"

And if you're not, as we all should be, a total geek that totally knows exactly what I'm talking about, I shall try to explain. And fail miserably.

Now LARP is short for Live action role-playing game and has second to nothing to do with handcuffs and latex-sheeted beds, unless you're wierder than I am. In very blunt terms it could be described as an interactive form of theater where the only audience is the participants and where the script is nothing but a sheet that says "This is the story so far" and more often than it should "You've had a very troublesome upbringing, and suffer from this every waking hour."

Now, our aim in this project is to make the participants feel (preferably ill at ease) think (paranoid thoughts) and really, really participate (with as little bloodshed as possible). Since most LARPs are medieval themed, they often tend to put most of the weight on the authenticity of the apparel and less on the feelings, emotions and utterly insane soap operish conflicts that we all delight in.

This LARP... The Apotheosis of LARPs is set in this world, just an alternative version of it. Where we still have the same politicians in action, the same day to day struggle and get to focus on the delicious psyches of the character in action. Yes, because you will not be yourself on this LARP. The main factor commonly used in LARPs, the factor that always exists and in fact, makes it LARP is just this factor. Be someone else.


WARNING: Don't do this at home unless you're really sure of what you are doing and have a mental health out of this world. Prolonged exposure could lead to sunburn and paranoia.
Oh yes... The LARP.
You will probably find it at p19.se.