måndag, januari 30, 2006


Oh, the weekend is finally over. I'm not sure, but I believe... My head won't stop spinning, maybe I should have slept at least some last night, or this morning. But that's ok, I'm on a caffeine high again! Wheee....

Haven't you heard? We all live in a small pond, and we are all ducks just swimming around... around... and around. And still we get surprised when we recognize each other. Or when you knew her, and him, and those two that... And him, and your friend knew that guy that I used to share my childhood with. And he, who did that... And that gang, and that place, and that party. And still. We act surprised, we believe in surprise. We act nonchalant and stunned at the same time. But do we ever stop to think. Or stop to watch, people around us. That bloke on the train that I see every other day, still never knew, never talk to. Even when he goes to the same club, digs the same music.

Well... It's a pond, and we're stuck in it, maybe we should just socialize. Look each other in the eye and acknowledge their existance.


But still, new friends are cool. Even when they deprive you of your sleep, make you spend the night talking and the next morning; sleep walk to school, tired and knackered, longing for bed and the company of other people, those not at school.

The Club was awful, the company was pleasant. Tech-noir is not what it once was.

Board games are fun, tried this game called Torres this Sunday. Very fun, indeed... =)


Stor kram till alla som känner att ni behöver en. =P