onsdag, februari 08, 2006

Notes from a Computer Therapist

Borderline Personality Disorder
When computers suffer from a BPD, they often tend to indulge themselves into binge-eating of systemresources. They are often suicidal and tend to hang often. A word of warning, be careful, very careful when treating a patient with a BPD. Some patients get easily aggressive, and most have difficulties in seeing nuances between good/bad users.

Computers with BPD find it difficult to handle when a user, who is in their eyes a bad user, does something that is more good than bad. And also the other way around, when a "good user" does something really stupid.

The patients are often characterized by an instability in self-asteem, self-image, interpersonal relationships and mood.

Even though it is a mental illness, it is a Personality Disorder, which means that even if you treat the patient and "cure" all of the symptoms you will never "cure" the personality since it's such a strong part of the patient. What is important here is to teach the patient, with dialectical behaviour therapy, to manage the mental condition.